Our Services

Providing skilled and experienced specialists

At Project Resources we specialise in the placement of project professionals to ensure that our client organisations have timely access to the range of skills, competencies and experience that they require to deliver their most critical projects.

Consultancy Services

We are project management professionals ourselves-which means we understand exactly the kind of skills our clients are looking for based upon our own first hand experience of project delivery- unlike recruitment agents working to a script.

Our network of skilled resources provides access to people with deep experience of actual project delivery rather than new graduates who are only learning to apply their knowledge in the real world. Our pricing ensures access to experienced and skilled resources at a fair and competitive price.


Many companies think they’ve completed the project when they develop the new process or system- but how do you roll this out effectivly to your target audience within the deadline? How are you going to ensure it engages them in a meaningful way resulting in the desired changes in behaviour without blowing the project budget?


Our experienced team of contract trainers work to thoroughly understand training content and identifies how best to present this in a way that really engages the target audience whilst meeting their training needs.

Training Support

Certain companies prefer to retain ownership of training delivery in order to build their own in-house capabilities. Where ownership by the business is preferred our experienced trainers can provide on-site support to SMEs by providing performance coaching and advice to ensure that the training delivery achieves the desired results.

Instructional Designers

Our network of experienced contract instructional designers can support development of detailed training needs analysis (TNA) to inform the development of effective training content.

Hosted LMS

For those companies that require the capability to deliver training solutions at scale but wish to avoid the associated costs of travel and hotels, our hosted cloud learning solution provides an effective alternative for delivering your training solutions in an engaging way to end users. Our hosted LMS solution provides a fast and effective means to deliver training content to a geographically dispersed audience at their desk or to mobile devices - whilst providing full tracking of learner engagement and progress.